Tips for Dating Ethiopian Women

Ethiopian women are considered among the most strikingly beautiful women in Africa. For some, they are the most beautiful, period.

According to popular lore, though it is disputable, the famed beauty who came to visit King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, was an Ethiopian queen. Add to that the fact that Ethiopia was the only African country that was able to successfully resist colonization, and you have a wonderful cocktail.

You have the striking physical beauty of the Ethiopian woman, and you have the air of myth and legend that shrouds her culture. No wonder so many fall in love with Ethiopian beauties.

If you are a man interested in getting an Ethiopian girlfriend, we have prepared for you the best tips on how you should woo and date an Ethiopian queen.

learn Ethiopian culture

Respect Her Culture

As we said, Ethiopia is the sole African country that was not colonized. As a result, much of Ethiopia’s culture is very much intact unlike some other African countries which lost a lot of their traditions and structures and became highly westernized. It is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic country where the diverse traditional customs are still respected.

If you are dating an Ethiopian woman, be sensitive around issues of culture, particularly when you are in the company of her family or friends. Making sarcastic remarks about her culture in the presence of her family would be deeply insulting and might cause a breakup.

No one likes to see their culture belittled. Don’t compare it to your own Western culture as that will be falling into a superiority trap you might not be able to dig yourself out of. If you think her culture is inferior to yours, doesn’t that imply that you also believe she is inferior to you? See how that is a slippery slope?

Instead, be genuinely curious. Ask her questions about her country and her people. Ask her what certain things mean. Ask her to teach you some customary greetings and etiquette so that you don’t embarrass yourself when you are with company.

When you show an interest in her country and her culture, she will be deeply flattered as she will interpret this to mean that you are genuinely interested in her. Why else would you invest all that effort into learning about her culture if you aren’t interested?

happy Ethiopian family

Remember Family is Important

Due to a variety of factors, Western society has become very individualized. The family is not very important, and only the nuclear family is considered in many cases. In African countries like Ethiopia, family is everything.

In Africa family does not only imply the woman’s mother, father, and siblings. It refers to her whole extended family, which includes grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces, and so forth.

If an Ethiopian girl ever takes you home to see her family, you should thank your lucky stars. More often than not, it is a sign that she really likes you. Girls there don’t take anyone to visit their parents. They have to be sure about you. It often means that she sees lasting potential in your relationship, that she is in fact thinking of marriage.

When you are introduced to the family, be very careful how you behave. Respect is very important, and you must make sure you behave in a respectful and respectable manner. That way you will be appreciated and respected.

If your Ethiopian girlfriend tells you she wants to introduce you to her parents, ask her how you should behave. She will be happy to give you tips.

Take It Slow

Women in some African countries have a reputation of being easy. If you have that mentality in mind, please forget about it. True even in Ethiopia you won’t lack loose women, but due to the religion and culture of the country, many young women are rather careful and conservative in how they behave around men.

The Ethiopian girl is not someone you are going to get sexually intimate with on the first date. It will take time and trust. You must especially be careful about how you handle this issue if you are looking not just for a girlfriend but for an Ethiopian bride.

Marriage is important to Ethiopians, and how a girl behaves during the relationship often determines what her plans are: short-term fun or a long-term commitment. If the latter, she is highly likely to delay sex as much as possible. Don’t be offended – it just means she likes you.

Don’t be offended if she doesn’t introduce you to her parents right away. She doesn’t want her parents to worry that she has become a woman of loose morals. She won’t parade every new boyfriend before her parents. Instead, she will wait until she knows you are special. Taking it slow is certainly the right move.

Learn a Few Phrases in Her Language

There are around 83 languages spoken in Ethiopia, most falling under the four categories of Cushitic, Semitic, Nilo-Saharan, and Omotic. The official language of Ethiopia is Amharic. Fortunately, English is a mandatory class in Ethiopian schools and universities, so communication between you and your Ethiopian love interest is not likely to be a problem.

Learning a few phrases in Amharic would be a nice way to pick up Ethiopian girls. It shows that though you are a foreigner, you took the trouble to learn something new about Ethiopia and that is very attractive. It makes you look down-to-earth and considerate, a romantic person.

Learning some Amharic will also come in handy when you meet her friends and family as it will paint a picture of someone who has a long-term interest in her, not just a short-term fling.

eating Ethiopian food with hand

Learn to Enjoy Eating with Your Hand

People in Ethiopia enjoy eating with their hands – the right hand is the eating hand. Learn to enjoy eating with your hand. When you are with your Ethiopian girlfriend, feed her morsels with your hand, and she will love you for it. Not only does it show how interested you are in her culture, it is also quite romantic to feed a woman with your hand.

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Final Thoughts

If we can summarize this article in one word it would be: respect. Respect your woman. Don’t rush her. Respect her culture. Respect her religion. Respect her language. If you treat her with respect all around and sprinkle that with a good helping of romance, your Ethiopian woman will fall deeply in love with you.