Top 10 Most Beautiful African Women

alida-kaneza-passionate-african-modelLove from Alida Kaneza

Representing East Africa’s most talented beauty, Alida Kaneza is hands down the most incredibly gorgeous, natural looking African woman we have ever seen!

Although she is listed last here, her petite appearance, cute face, and wonderful skin are surely at number one for us, and you would agree!

Alida Kaneza is a very passionate model, always smiling and putting 150% into her shoots, which can be found now throughout the world and in various popular modeling magazines and other advertisements!

Although we’ve only covered 10 of the most beautiful African women here, it should be noted that African Women’s beauty goes much deeper than their skin.

Many of these successful entrepreneurs have expanded from their modeling careers into successful acting careers and self-created businesses alike—as well as non-profit organizations and contributions!

As we’ve said, with beautiful natural skin, natural empowerment, and a ‘go-getter’ attitude it’s no wonder that African women are some of the most desirable to men around the globe!